Hertog Jan Dubbel 500ml (Stone Bottle)

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Smell – Taste (Caramel, Port Wine, Brown Sugar)
Aftertaste – Finish (Medium Sweet)

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Hertog Jan Dubbel is a beer in the greatest tradition of Belgian Doubles. This gourmet beer will definitely awaken all your senses. We recommend serving this beer from the Arcense brewery in a Trappist-style chalice glass for maximum drinking pleasure!

In the glass, this Dutch beer is brown in colour with red highlights, topped by a generous beige white head. The nose is dominated by dried fruits, malt and sweet spices. In the mouth, you will find caramel malt, spices and a very subtle bitterness due to light but effective hopping.
This superbly-crafted beer, which is, as you’ll have gathered, quite a triumph, is certainly a step in direction of Hertog Jan Grand Prestige.

Brown in colour, with red highlights
Malt, dried fruits and spices on the nose
Caramelised and spicy in the mouth

VOL 7.3%

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