Writers Tears Copper Pot & 2 Glasses Gift Pack

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700ml bottle with 2 glasses

Writers Tears is a vatting of Pure Pot Still and Single Malt Irish Whiskey. The resulting whiskey is one of Ireland’s highest rated whiskies in the Whisky Bible of Jim Murray.

Nose: A glossy pot still character: rather than the usual fruity firmness, the recognizable Pot still traits are shrouded in soft honey tones which dovetail with lightening kumquat-citrus notes. Quite a curious, but always deliciously appealing animal.

Tase: Works beautifully well: the arrival is an alternating delivery of hard and soft waves, the former showing a more bitter, almost myopic determination to hammer home its traditional Pot Still stand point; the sweeter, more yielding notes dissolve with little or no resistance, leaving an acacia honeyed trail; towards the middle a juicier malt element mingles with soft vanilla but the pot still character never goes away.

Finish: Relatively long with perhaps the pot still, with an old fashioned cough sweet fruitiness, lingering longest, though it does retain its honeyed accompaniment for the most part.

VOL: 40%

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Blended Malt Whisky, Whiskey



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