Davy Sangria Red Sparkling Wine 750ml

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Sangria is one of the most typical Spanish gastronomic products. This unique mixture of red wine, juices and cinnamon, comes from the joy of this country and is a reference drink all over the summer, when its delicate fruity aromas could be savored at its best.


Sangria DAVY offers a unique experience to the palates and is the drink of people who enjoy the summer. Thanks to its freshness and low alcohol content, DAVY is the perfect drink for any summer party, day or night. It must be served chilled on ice, in a Tom Collins glass or in a wineglass. For a better visual effect, decorate using citric twists or adding slices of fruits such as orange and lemon.


Color: A cherry red liquid with a bluish trim, due to its youth. Offers a clean and brilliant appearance, including microscopic bubbles inside.

Nose: Its young red wines offer red fruits intriguing aromas, including floral hints. Keeping its personality, these perfumes join the powerful aroma of ripe oranges and the acid hints of lemon juice, along with a vigorous cinnamon touch.

Palate: DAVY enters the mouth in a very sweet and pleasant manner, with a slightly acid taste due to the citrus fruits. Its sparkling effect is very delicate and creates an explosion of senses on the palate. The taste remains and its final slightly spiced touch invites to take one more drink

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