Olio Splendido Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L


100% Italian extra virgin olive oil

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This extra virgin olive oil was born from a Niasca Portofino project to recuperate and promote the typical tastes of Ligurian foods and it is called “splendido” (splendid) thanks to its qualities and sparkle.

The Olio Splendido Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a light fruity flavour and a beautiful yellow colour with green hues. It has a sweet and delicate aroma of olives with and full-bodied and rounded taste. The final sensation on the palate is one of almost sweetness.

This refined oil of Niasca Portofino is above all best for dressing rich salads and main courses of fish. The half-litre bottle is ideal for always keeping it at hand on the dining table!

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Olive Oil



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