Mahou 5 Star Beer 24x330ml

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Light and refreshing, these will surely bring back memories of those super fun nights out in Chueca or Salamanca! The Mahou Cinco Estrellas, created to satisfy more demanding palates, is made with higher quality hops and yeast. Pale lager style, with notes of barley and starch, with a really good balance between lightness and texture. Round and long bitter finish.



Mahou Cinco Estrellas
VOL: 5.1%

Mahou 5 stars is the leading beer in the Spanish market, the fourth biggest beer-drinking country in Europe. With 125 years of history, Mahou 5 stars has always been there to satisfy the most demanding taste buds. Produced from the highest quality varieties of hops and yeast, it stands out for its golden colour and distinctive taste. The result: a well-balanced flavour which lingers in the mouth. Made from 100% natural ingredients

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Beer, Lager

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