Amaro Unicum 700ml

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Bitter Unicum
Country: Hungary
Taste:  Laurel, Cloves, Leather, Juniper, Tobacco
VOL: 40%

Amaro Unicum is the oldest herbal liqueur in Europe, produced using over 40 different types of herbs and spices. The name refers to the phrase that exclaimed the emperor Joseph II of Austria, who declared “Das ist ein Unikum!”. It presents itself at the sight of intense and concentrated ebony color. The nose releases a large bouquet of blackberry and plum jam, enriched with hints of laurel, juniper and cloves, together with toasted sensations of tobacco and leather. In the mouth it is soft and enveloping, with a dry and pleasantly balsamic finish. Perfect as an aperitif, it is ideal to serve at the end of a meal by virtue of its digestive properties.

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Bitter, liqueur



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