Absinthe Czech Green Tree Fairy 500ml

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Note: This is a Czech Absinth, hence it contains less fennel, anise and mint than French or Swiss Absinthes.The distillery dates from 1518.

First Impression: Wormwood and mint – hyssop, lemon balm alcohol is not as much in foreground as one might think at 120 proof. Sweetish and minty smell overall with traces of coriander and cubeb.

Appearance: Clear, bright green color in bottle, more green blue in glass- On swirling, leaves a thin coat on the glass with scalloping and very thin legs developing. Louche is poor to nonexistent compared to a French Absinthe.

Taste: Not overly complex- mint and wormwood, with a distinct midline bitter drying on the tongue. Hot, jalapeno-like finish.

VOL: 70%

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Absinthe, Liquor


Czech Republic

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