Sourz Red Berry 700ml

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The manufacturer describes this delicious shot as: fruity, gaudy and red! Words that are fairly obvious if you take the time to taste the fabulous Sourz Red Berry Sweet Sour Spirit Drink.

On the tongue as well as on the nose, aromas of fresh cherries can be discovered. Juicy strawberries and cranberries also found their way into the stylishly designed bottles of the Sourz Red Berry. This shot is a delicious, fruity and sparkling liquor. The Sours Red Berry is best enjoyed pure or simply on crushed ice.

Bartenders all over the world appreciate the high quality of this liqueur due to its many possibilities of use in the fruity cocktail and drink area. The slightly tart properties make this Sourz Red Berry the most delicious alcoholic basis, in particular in composition with a glass of vodka and lemonade, as well as adding some basil or fresh mint leaves.

VOL: 15%

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