Licor 43 Original Spanish Liqueur 500ml

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Licor 43 emits a bright golden glow that reflects its Mediterranean heritage. The diversity of ingredients, perfectly balanced sugars and alcohol deliver wonderfully layered flavours of vanilla, Mediterranean citrus and spice. Although perfect when enjoyed pure with or without ice, its flavours are so harmonious that it simply invites other drinks to be mixed with it and is unmatched in its versatility. All said and done, it is only really experienced by tasting.

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Spain’s sensationally smooth, golden liqueur.

Licor 43 is a liqueur with a complex, but harmonic flavour profile that can be perceived at four levels:


Reminiscence to the lively citrus aromas of Mediterranean citrus gardens.


The subtle spiced touch of coriander.


The sweet palate of mature fruit and nuances of vanilla.


Soft notes of Mediterranean orange and lemon blossom, with a certain point of astringency derived from the peel of citrus fruits, smoothed with notes of mature fruits.

VOL: 31%

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