Gordon’s Sloe Gin 700ml

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Tasting Note: Sweet, fruity and rich. Floral and perfumed, with juniper and a bit of spice. Simple, balanced fruitiness and intriguing notes of earl grey tea.

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Gordon’s Sloe Gin is a delectable gin liqueur created by steeping sloe berries in the classically quintessential Gordon’s London Dry Gin. With a history dating back to 1769, Gordon’s is synonymous with world class gin, and Gordon’s Sloe Gin is a delightful twist to an exquisitely flawless recipe.

Sloe Gin is blessed with a mesmerizing and translucent burgundy hue and is perfectly suited for enjoyment on a great variety of occasions, from a hot summer’s day served over ice to a chilly winter evening by the fire. Whether after dinner, in gin cocktails such as a martini, in the classic gin and tonic, or added to champagne for a sumptuous summer treat, Gordon’s Sloe Gin is a truly decadent pleasure to be cherished and enjoyed.

VOL: 26%

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Sloe Gin, Gin


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